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the best Amix SyneMax 90 Capsules (Sport , Muscle definition , Fat burners) 7t0Xepe6

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Description du produit

SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION is a powerful fat burner formulated with seven ingredients of the highest quality for optimal results. SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION contains Guarana Extract, a stimulant that helps in times of overexertion. Caffeine a stimulating and accelerating the metabolism. It also contains White Willow Bark Extract, a potent vasodilator and Green Tea extract, an accelerator of metabolism. It also contains naringin, a powerful fat burner and synephrine, an energizer which in turn activates the direct recipients that interfere with fat burning. SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION promotes efflux of free fatty acids from adipose tissue to the blood to be converted into energy. SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION also increases the body temperature slightly thus promoting thermogenesis doing so the body get rid of fat. SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION is an excellent all-natural combination of fat burners last generation and high technology. Methocel also contains a patented component that ensures that each of the 7 key ingredients SyneMax of AMIX NUTRITION is absorbed at the right time for optimum performance and visible results. The main benefits of SyneMax are: Produce more energy. Facilitate lipolysis. Speed ​​up metabolism. Increase blood microcirculation. Directions: Take one capsule SyneMax 30 minutes before training.