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quality and quantity Allnutrition Red Shock Shot 12 x 80 ml (Sport , Weight loss , Thermogenics) 8p2z171D

  • Modèle : 8p2z171D
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Description du produit

580 mg of caffeine per one bottle, 290 mg per serving of high energy boost that provides long-lasting stimulation, improves physical performance and endurance immediately Beta-alanine improves focus and concentrations without sugar, fat-free, amazing taste Your favorite energy drinkALUTRITION Red Shock Shot is an extremely strong shot before training. It is intended for physically active people who need additional stimulation and resistance during training. Red Shock meets the requirements of the most demanding customers. It meets your expectations and provides 290 mg of caffeine anhydrous in a single serving. Give yourself a huge energy boost and do your best during the training. 40 ml of an extremely powerful energy boost