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Precious and beautiful Beter Pestañas Postizas #235 Individuales Look Natural (Make-up , Eyes , Fake eyelashes) 6WbV1iPG

  • Modèle : 6WbV1iPG
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Description du produit

Create your own look to add volume and length to your natural lashes. Light and easy to apply, they are very comfortable to wear. Made of natural hair and molded for a perfect fit. They include glue and step-by-step instructions. Use: 1- Compare the length of the eyelashes with your eyelids. If necessary, you can cut them until they fit perfectly with your eyes. Cut out the outer end, depending on the shape of your eyes you may need to cut through the inside. With the help of fingers bend the eyelashes. Important: there is a tab for the right eye and another for the left, make sure to which eye corresponds when the cuts. 2- Remove the flanges of the mold with the help of the applicator of false eyelashes or with tweezers. Spread a thin layer of glue on the base of the false eyelashes. Never apply the glue directly on the eyelid. 3- Use the Applicator to fix them. Place the false eyelashes as close as possible to the base of your natural eyelashes starting from the central part and continuing to the sides. With the help of the end of the Applicator keep them in position between 5-10 seconds so that the glue takes effect and are perfectly adhered. 4- To obtain a more intense result, first apply the eyeliner on the eyelids and once you have the false eyelashes applied use the mask to join them to your natural lashes. Enjoy high-definition lashes

To remove the false eyelashes apply Beter Look Expert Facial Skin Care Two-Phase Eye Make-up Remover and use the applicator or tweezers to remove them gently. Store them in the mold to keep their shape. You can reuse them as long as they maintain their initial shape.