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Most popular Migra Cap Migraine Relief Black (One Size Fits All) MyPOqt89

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Description du produit

Proven relief for migraine sufferers. Medication free relief from the intense pain of migraine. One off purchase. Also suitable for sports injuries. Can be used during pregnancy. Combines cold therapy and darkness.


ONE SIZE FITS ALL."Highly Recommended... the cooling effect plus the eye shades could only have been invented by a true migraine sufferer,"

Dr Chris Steele, ITV's This Morning.

Migra-Cap has been developed by a Migraine sufferer for Migraine sufferers. The Migra-Cap combines cold therapy and complete darkness to give relief from the pain associated with a Migraine and most types of headaches. This 2-in-1 solution is unique for any Migraine relief product with the added benefit of being a one-off purchase.

The Lycra cap covers the whole of the head and eye area, and is filled with specially formulated gel packs strategically positioned to target the areas of the head affected by pain. Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort the breathable, flexible Lycra material enables the cap to fit all head shapes. A 'cut-away' in the material allows users with long hair to pull the hair through for maximum comfort. This is another first for a Migraine relief product. Migra-Cap can be stored in a domestic fridge or freezer and the specially formulated gels ensure that Migra-Cap will not freeze to a solid.

Migra-Cap has proved successful in more than 8 out of 10 cases during trials with Migraine Action Association UK members.

With the exception of Navy, Migra-Cap's are lined in black to ensure full light exclusion.