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Best seller Nutrisport Double Action Day Control (Sport , Weight loss , Blockers) O1UW8wBz

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Description du produit

* DOUBLE ACTION QUEMAGRASAS + BLOCKER offers a product with a dual action on the one hand combines ingredients to promote fat burning and the other helps block the absorption of carbohydrates and fats in the diet. * It is designed by combining two formulas presented on individual, the first contains ingredients to increase energy expenditure and promoting fat burning, while the second is a blocking formula that fats and carbohydrates, which helps reduce the total calories diet. * In formula Fat Burners Fat Burners, ingredients such as green coffee extract (contains chlorogenic acid that promotes normal metabolism and reduces fat accumulation in tissues), Green tea extract (source of stimulants and polyphenols that promote thermogenesis) Extract, red tea (it is a very traditionally used for its qualities and benefits in weight control plant) bark extract of bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) (promotes fat mobilization), caffeine (stimulant key nervous system for increasing metabolism, fat mobilization and utilization for energy), Vitamin B6 (involved in energy metabolism and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness), Chromium (essential mineral that helps regulate glucose levels blood, helping control hunger and cravings). * In the formula of Carbo & Fat Blocker are: Chitosan (dietary fiber that prevents and hinders the absorption and uptake of fat helping to reduce calorie diet), Phaseolamin (a substance that inhibits the enzyme α-amylase, responsible digest carbohydrates and therefore difficult to digestion and absorption), Opuntia ficus indica (neopuntia) (interferes with the absorption of dietary fat, promoting their elimination naturally). * The combination of both products is perfect to support very fully the weight loss process and definition. * DIRECTIONS: Take the fat burning stick before physical activity dissolved in water. Take 2 sticks a day blockers, dissolved in water before meals.